Here are two pictures from the Wednesday Morning Club in Pueblo, Colorado. The first one is identified as May, 1911, and is an all-female Shakespeare group for this photograph. My great grandmother, Mrs. Harry Deuel, is William Shakespeare himself. This first picture was in a frame and the names of all the women in the group are handwritten on the backing paper. I have tanslated the handwriting as best as I can unerneath this picture. The second photograph must be a few years later, because my grandmother and her sister appear in it and they must be between 16 and 20 years old, so this could be 1919. I can find no names associated with this second picture.

Scott Rubel

Update: This photograph appears in the Fall 2012 issue of Folger Magazine published by the Folger Shakespeare Library regarding a book by Katherine West Scheil on the subject of womens Shakespeare clubs called She Hath been Reading.The photograph also appears in an article about the American appetitite for Shakespeare in history by William Grimes in the New York Times, March 20, 2014. "Measuring America's Shakespearean Devotion."

1911, Mrs. Harry Deuel as William Shakespeare


May Fete - 1911 - of Wednesday Morning Club at the home of Mrs. Mahlon D. Thatcher

Mrs. Alva Adams, Sr. and Mrs. A.J. Beaumont: Ladies of the Court, Mrs. J.C. Brooking: Romeo, Mrs. C.W. Ballreich: Juliet, Mrs. C.W. Crews: Cleopatra, Mrs. C.W. Carrington: Audry, Mrs. T.D. Duke: Bassario, Mrs. H.D. Deuel: William Shakespeare, Mrs. Charles Dewey: Portia, Mrs. M.L. Graham: Cecelia, Miss Alice Green: Touchstone, Mrs. H.L. Hollister: Shylock, Mrs. Elizabeth Hurford: Juliet's Nurse, Mrs. W.L. Hartman: Rosalind, Mrs. J.M. Luqueer: Hamlet, Mrs. Frank Merick: King Henry the Fifth, Miss Anna Mergs: Cordelia, Mrs. Oliver Mallaby: Lady MacBeth, Mrs. George Marsh: Princess of France, Mrs. Charles McHarg: Lady Montague, Mrs. J.B. Orman: Puck, Mrs. Louisa Strang: Lady Capulet, Mrs. Charles H. Stickney: Queen Elizabeth, Mrs. Hubert Work: Hermia, Mrs. E.T. Whiton: Lady of the Court, Mrs. Guy Wadsworth: the Ghost, Mrs. M.D. Thatcher: Anne Hathaway

Hillcrest Mansion of Mahlon and Luna Thatcher. Henry Hudson Holly was architect.

The Hillcrest Mansion belonged to Mahlon and Luna Thatcher. The home was designed by Henry Hudson Holly of New York . It was designed in the Queen Anne English Tudor Style. It was built in 1883 and demolished in 1976.

1919, Wednesday Morning Club. Dorothy Deuel and Eleanor pose
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